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We Out

The journey that started almost exactly two years ago has been a really crazy ride. It’s amazing to look back and realize how much change the clan has gone through. It began with just a bunch of DF noobs and gradually grew into the clan that went to 8 straight ladle finals and won 7 times in the span of a year and a half. However, all of this winning took a toll on us all. We, as a whole, got bored of this game and slowly steeped further and further into inactiveness. Many of the guys that were a part of the team are no longer around. I personally don't have time nor the motivation I used to have to run the clan anymore. Therefore, this will officially mark the disbanding of the clan.

I feel as though it is not fair to the few newer players who wish to play like we used to, to be held back by this. You all have a lot of potential and I encourage you to try to get involved in a new team that is looking to grow, just as rd once did.

I couldn’t be more happy with all the things we accomplished as a clan. All of the relationships I've made along the way were truly amazing. I never thought that the clan that started in a locked DF server would become as dominate as it was in becoming one of the all time great fortress teams. Looking back at it all still amazes me. I'll always remember those moments in TS with subfocus playing britney spears and roter raging and/or "putting on a show". You all have made this one hell of an experience, and it's too bad it had to end.

Gentlemen, it has been an honor and privilege leading and playing with you all.



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Rd and Orion Part Ways

Due to both the recent and past unfortunate circumstances, the majority of Redemption feels Orion is no longer welcome in the clan. The recent debacle on the armagetron forums is only the latest of multiple issues and was simply the last straw. Multiple warnings have been given, yet no change in attitude was evident.

We feel as though all members of the clan deserve to be treated with respect and kindness; something that Orion has gone against on multiple occasions. Redemption will not tolerate unnecessary and blatant attacks on teammates nor any other player.

We wish you the best of luck in the future, and are sorry things turned out the way they did.

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Congratulations, young insa.

Welcome and don't mind algid, he smells.

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Algid/% and Gazelle/%

I'm happy to announce that both Algid and Gazelle have been accepted to the clan.

Welcome (back) my little slaves :twisted:

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Wolf --> Senior Member

Over the past year your dedication and consistent level-headedness has helped the clan grow and mature to where it is today. This promotion is long overdue, but nonetheless well deserved. Congratulations!


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Dj Subfocus/%

Welcome back sub! Glad to have you back 8-)

In honor of your return, enjoy a classic britney:

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Suicidal/% and Brawl 38

Today, with a team consisting of Ampz, Orion, Rooki, and Suicidal, Redemption has won Brawl 38, beating both Rogue Tronners and Open Team 2-0. Congrats! :)

Also a big congrats to Suicidal who has made it into Redemption! Welcome to the clan and we hope you enjoy your stay 8-)

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Happy Valentines Day (Mister/%)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
We voted on you
And accepted you too

- Edgar Allan Poe

Welcome ;)
Best acceptance post yet?
Hope you all have a great valentines day with your girl/guy/thing/hand

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Redemption Wins Ladle 78

With the roster of Dreadlord, Vov, llusion, Kult, Larifari, Mister, Olive, Orion, Pathetique, Soul and Wolf, Redemption won Ladle 78 flawlessly!

We defeated Wild West, Team Unknown, Kill St., and Crazy Tronners with a match score of 2-0 in all.

Special thanks to mister for playing with us and a shoutout to lari and path on their first ladle wins!

Fun matches everyone \o/


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